Tips for Outsourcing Web Development to Eastern Europe'

IT pros from Eastern Europe are considered to be among the best specialists in the world. The level of education there is very high. The number of specialists in IT exceeds the number of such specialists in Western countries to a great extent. Thus, Eastern Europe is a major outsourcing hot-spot for Western Europe and United States. Naturally, when different cultures collide there is a possibility for complex issues to arise, regarding business especially. Therefore we would like to offer you several tips and ways which should be observed while collaborating with web agencies and freelancers from Eastern Europe.

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Eastern European programmers are diligent, creative and most importantly professionally qualified. One could look for them in Eastern Europe via sites such as Elance, Odesk, Brainstorage, Freelance, Dev, Freelancer, Freelance etc. While scouting, imagine that you’re hiring people for a full-time job for an unlimited contract. Devote time and make effort in finding out about their works and reputation. If you’re planning to carry out a big project, implement a small pilot project beforehand. It will probably indicate strengths and weaknesses of your target team. When developers are already hired, try to build personal relationship with them while trying to avoid cultural misunderstandings too.


Working together westerners and Eastern Europeans should consider time zone differences and find the most suitable time slots for collective work. Rigorous schedules should be established from the very beginning and emphasis on time should be re-placed often enough considering work tempo too. Politeness should be a thing you do but try to avoid delays as your project might prolong for an unlimited period of time. In order to meet deadlines you could try using time tracking tools etc. depending on your needs



No matter how many people are involved and how much demanding the project is, meticulous planning and organization are essential. If you’ve ever touched upon projects of web development, you should agree then that efficient communication among all concerned sides from the initial stages of the project  is a cornerstone in the successful development of the product. Since the developers will most probably work from their native countries most of the time, you will communicate via internet. Therefore it would provide you with much convenience if you set clear tools for communication and manage everything only via those tools. We can see Skype, Github, TrackDuck, Google Docs, etc. among the best and most frequently used ones. There is just a small thing to do to when you’re about to bid a farewell to the development team. Don’t forget to change all passwords and remove private information from shared files or similar. “Chance takers are accident makers” [author unknown].




Even though everything is generally defined in terms of a contract however in the course of time unforeseen details appear or questions still arise. Therefore define clearly an exact way of payment for developers. Usually we can talk about two types of payment, paying for the whole project, either in parts or after the project is completed, the other way is to pay developers by hours. You should also think how extra works, tasks or support will be paid, for instance, after the agreement ends. If developers violated an agreement in any way, financial penalties might be introduced if bound by the agreement earlier. Also, you should define ownership very clearly as to protect a copyright of a product.

Table 1 represents the average salary ($) of programmers by a programming language and a country


As Table 1 shows  the best paid web developers belong in Moscow and Russia as a region. Whereas the least expensive specialists live in Belarus. Also one could find respectively inexpensive specialists in Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. The former we highly recommend as a country to look for qualified developers. Only slightly better paid programmers are located in Latvia. Regarding programming web developers engaging in iOs, C# and Java get the biggest salaries. However, compared to salaries of western countries Eastern Europe looks very attractive.

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