CONTEST!: Your Funniest Client Story'

TrackDuck and ImpressPages invites to tell a funny client story of yours! Share your story under a title “Your Funniest Client Story” on Facebook or Twitter using #TrackDuck and #ImpressPages hashtags and get a chance to WIN 6 MONTHS of TrackDuck for FREE! [read more for instructions]

Miscommunications is what leads web developers and designers every single day. People engaging in IT are familiar with the fact completely. This fragile connection between a specialist and a client is always in danger to be broken.


You, developers and designers will probably agree that generally clients tend to see everything from their perspective and are not so much willing to agree with a different opinion. They have a picture of how things should be done and sometimes it’s not so easy to prove that some suggestions won’t turn to be useful or even aren’t possible to be put into practice.

Moreover, it is very complicated to get what clients mean since they lack particular knowledge. Usually clients find it difficult to express themselves as they lack technical vocabulary and aren’t able to point out web developers or designers in the right direction. Their explanations tend to be uninformative, superficial and even funny. Due to misunderstandings and miscommunications vagueness and mystical pages, features or buttons have become a daily round for you.

In addition, clients find it time-consuming, tiring and complicated to engage into explanations about what should be improved, which of course, causes irritation to them and complicates the whole process of a project.

If you recognized yourself, sign up for TrackDuck (signing up is free and no credit card is required!) – a tool for visual communication for web design and development – and finally – get rid of misunderstandings.

And finally: since TrackDuck and ImpressPages are certain that you’ve been into or seen situations like these, we announce a contest in which we invite you to make a day for yourself and share a funny client story with us!

PRIZE: Authors of the best stories will get to use TrackDuck for 6 months for FREE!

You should do the following:
1. Write a funny story which describes a miscommunication with a client in the field of IT
2. Post the story via  Facebook or Twitter under the title “Your Funniest Client Story”
3. Use #TrackDuck and #ImpressPages hashtags in the post

then wait for popularity and success!

DEADLINE to share the story: 30 September 2014


Looking forward to laughing,
TrackDuck and ImpressPages teams 🙂'

Edmundas Eddy Balcikonis

One of the co-founders of TrackDuck startup, avid traveler and blogger. Passionate about effective remote team work, project management and UX.

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