14 Beautiful Onboarding Designs for Your Inspiration

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Weekly Design Inspiration No. 36

User onboarding demands a flawless UX, and all those transitions and animations in an onboarding flow has a tremendous impact on how first-time users will engage with the walkthrough and behave in an app for the rest of the time.

That’s why for this week’s Weekly Design Inspiration series, TrackDuck’s design team gathered 14 beautiful as well as truly engaging mobile onboarding designs for your inspiration. So check them out and also don’t forget to share the ones we missed in the comments below.

Onboarding Animation by Virgil Pana

An impressive animation for app onboarding.

Virgil pana

App Intro Tutorial by José Sánchez-Blanco

An intro tutorial for a 3D music player app.


7out Tutorial by Antonia Goga

The walkthrough for the 7out app.


Onboarding for Muzo App by Ramotion

A top-notch animation for the Muzo app’s onboarding.


Android Intro Tour by Brandon Land

Dropbox’s onboarding flow.


YPlan Onboarding by Ben Dunn

Quiet unusual yet very intuitive onboarding navigation.


Onboarding Animations by Jeff Chang

A few onboarding animations for HR Cloud’s app.


Onboard in 15 Seconds by Tibor Tovt

The onboarding flow for the Champy app.


Clementine Onboarding by Sarah Li

The simple yet very attractive and clear walkthrough for the Clementine app.


Onboarding Animation by Leander Lenzing

A smart onboarding animation for Car2Go’s walkthrough.


Wonder Onboarding Screens by Matthew LeGrice

Beautiful minimalist illustrations for Wonder’s onboarding.


Onboarding Screen by Yofred

An unusual onboarding concept for the first chat app for kids.


Onboarding for Guidebook by Guillermo Mont

Onboarding screens for the Guidebook app with some simple and nice animations.




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