Best Online Courses for Seasoned UI/UX Designers

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Being a lifelong learner is critical to a successful career, especially if you are working in a field like UI/UX design. Design techniques are evolving in days, and you just can’t afford to spend even a day without learning something new. Otherwise, you’ll lose ground in a wink.

There are many types of resources to learn about UI/UX design, but this time let’s talk about online courses, which have become increasingly popular over the last few years. The problem I constantly face, however, is that although courses for UI/UX designers are abundant, most of them are for beginners and cover only the most basic fundamentals of UI/UX design — obviously, they are easier to make.

As an avid learner of UI/UX design, I’m always in search of top-notch resources to deepen my knowledge in this field. So here I share a round-up of my most favourite UI/UX online courses (some of them are even free) that even seasoned designers will find interesting and useful.

Methods of Design Synthesis: Research to Product Innovation

Focus: research, data

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In this course, you’ll learn how to combine theory, data and methods for synthesizing research data to make your design more user-centric and identify opportunities for innovation. You’ll also understand how to translate research into insights, visualise data and apply it to your design process.

How To Use Personas & Scenarios To Design The Best Product

Focus: personas, scenarios

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Having a broad understanding of your target audience and its behaviour plays an important role in UI/UX design. This course will help you to learn how to create and use personas and scenarios to better understand your target audience and tailor your design to suit their needs.

Developing an Information Architecture with Card Sorting

Focus: information architecture

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Good information architecture is key to creating engaging, easy-to-use and intuitive websites. This online course, comprising 10 easy-to-follow lectures, will walk you through the card sorting process, which will help you to see how users engage with your content and figure out how to make your information architecure more intuitive.

Flat UI Design and Development

Focus: flat design

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Flat design is one of the most noticeable trends that has been prevailing in UI design over the last few years. If this style is something you learned by yourself, I recommend you this course. It will get you deeper into the fundamentals of flat design and teach you step-by-step how to design the main UI elements in this style.

Advanced User Experience (UX) Design

Focus: resources, insights

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In this course, you’ll learn about the latest ideas, tips and tricks on UX design gathered from the top usability and user experience experts. The author features and discuss an up-to-date list of all usability tools, the most valuable books, latest research and other valuable resources on UX design.

Getting Started with Semantic UI

Focus: Semantic framework

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Semantic is a modern front-end framework with a robust API that helps build beautiful and responsive layouts using human-friendly HMTL. This course will guide you through process of building a website with a wide range of UI elements using this framework.

Admin Interface Design and UI

Focus: Admin dashboard UI

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An admin dashboard is an inevitable part of almost any web application. As a result, being aware of the best practices on how to design it right can have a big impact on enhancing user experience in your applications. This course covers many important aspects of admin interface design and guides you through all the main UI elements of an admin dashboard.

UX Research for Apps: User-centric from Concept to Launch

Focus: user research

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This course walks you through the main user research techniques as well as tools and apps that will help you to step into the shoes of your customers quickly and inexpensively. You’ll learn how to conduct primary research, create customer journeys, personas, empathy maps and many other techniques for professional yet cost-effective user research.

If you know any other great online courses for seasoned UI/UX designers, share them in the comments below.


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