[Infographic] Digital Nomads and The Remote Work Revolution


Here is an awesome infographic about key trends influencing digital nomads and growth of remote work. It also has a fun comparison of running a startup from London vs Bali – since our team is currently split between London, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, so we found it very insightful ­čÖé

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Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution

Made by: BargainFox


Edmundas Eddy Balcikonis

One of the co-founders of TrackDuck www.trackduck.com startup, avid traveler and blogger. Passionate about effective remote team work, project management and UX.

  • Looks great

  • I’m also passionate about remote work & teams, but I’m concerned that popular project management methodologies like Agile do not embrace it at all. Agile adopters seem to want team members working together onsite vs. remotely. That sounds old-school and not very diverse. Your thoughts?

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