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If we consider the process of web development as a whole, we can divide all participants involved into the creation of web projects into two big groups – end users (who need to get started with websites) and those ones who get sites live – freelancers, web developers, and web design studios.

What are the most common options of getting started with an online project? If you know how to code and create web designs, then you can get all the job done on your own. If you are only a beginner with some basic coding and/or designing skills, then you can try to launch a website on  the basis of a ready-made template (this is both time and money-effective). If you do not want to run any of the aforementioned ask on your own, you can hire a freelancer or request a web design studio to get all the job done for you.

The next question that logically arises HOW to build a site? Should everything be created from scratch or are there quicker alternatives? Sure there are! Creating a website from scratch takes more time, energy, and money (of course). However, this guarantees that you will attain a one-of-a-kind web design. A ready-made website template will be a better alternative for those who want to get started with a site in the shortest time and with minimum investments.

If getting started with a website on the basis of a ready-made theme is your best choice, then you have reached the right post. If you are a freelancer of a web design studio looking for new clients, this article is especially helpful to you. But first, let’s imagine a typical situation (typical for web design business, of course).

Supposing a customer has purchased a template for their fascinating online presentation. The client is happy with the purchase, but puzzled with template customization and project launch. Clients don’t want / have no time to study all the documentation that accompanies the theme. They are not interested in text or video tutorials either. They just want somebody else to do the job that seems boring/complicated/time-consuming for them.

What’s the first thing you are doing when you need to find something urgently? Exactly! You start to surf the Internet.

There are plenty of web design studios offering their services there, but how would you know that the agency/freelancer won’t disappoint you? There was no such guarantee before the Web Studios Catalogue.

You can’t but agree that if your web studio is listed among the ones recommended by the industry leader, it automatically gains a trustworthy image in the customers’ eyes.

What is Web Studios Catalogue all about?

The recommendations list includes only those web studios that have successfully completed their certification and proven to be real pros. It is requisite for the studios to be able to work with company themes.

It also allows all freelancers get a steady flow of site development and theme customization orders from company customers. Considering the tough competition on web development market, this is a serious edge.

The collection contains nearly 50 000 items. They offer WordPress, HTML5, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, and a whole lot of other ready-made designs.

Due to this peculiarity, the themes developer has supplied the list of web studios with advanced filtering options. So, the customers can search for web studio in their location or somewhere nearby.

Different studios provide different kinds of services, so the company also added an option of filtering the catalogue by CMS.

filterin options in web studios catalogue

The filtering is very convenient. For instance, the owners of WordPress themes from, say, New York, will be shown a list of companies working with WordPress sites in that specific area.

In web studios catalogue, the customers will also see a list of all CMSs that agencies work with. This is really convenient when they acquire several different templates and want to launch more than one project at a time.

cms filtering

The customers can decide whether to contact one web design studio that works with WordPress, Joomla and Magento (for example) or send a request to 3 different agencies.

The next cool feature of the catalogue is the rating of web design studios. It is based on the number of successful projects completed by the agency with the help of ready-made themes, i.e.: the more experienced agency is, the higher rating it has.

In such a way, TemplateMonster.com provides web studios with an opportunity to expand their product market, attain more credible online image, find new clients, and earn more money respectively.

In addition to being stated on the chart, each partner gets a separate profile page. There they can share more detailed information about their services, staff, contacts, a list of CMSs they work with, pricing plans, and many more.

An agency profile page also contains TemplateMonster’s feedback about its activity and its rating.

studio page

This information should help the customers choose the best web design agency for their needs.

Those, who are ready to place an order can use a built-in request form. This form allows the customer contact a web design agency, give them a brief review of the services they would like to order, project deadline, budget limit, etc.

Ok, that’s pretty much of it. We guess, we have told you about all major points of the Certified Partners Catalogue.
Please watch this short video, it will make things even clearer.

How can a web design studio get listed on the catalogue page?

Have you heard about TM Certification Center?

template monster certification

Only the agencies that successfully pass courses and certification test get the right to be added to Authorized Web Studio Catalogue.

The company prepared tutorials and tests for the most popular website creation CMSs: WordPress, Joomla, MotoCMS, and others.
Who can get benefit from this?

  • Web Studios
  • Freelancers
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build websites

What will you get after finishing classes?

Once you pass courses and certification test, you receive official certificate from TemplateMonster, which confirms your skills and knowledge of each particular CMS.

The certificate will look great on your office wall among the works in the portfolio and will weigh heavily in the negotiations with the customers.

If you are a web development expert, you can go straight to the test not losing your time revising the things you already know.

Study, learn new CMS, and remember that TemplateMonster team is always here to help and support. Let us remind you once again that <b>the service won’t cost you a dime</b>.

Wrapping up

Use Web Design Studio Catalogue to find a reliable web design agency that will help you get started with your web resource in the short run if you are a business owner.

Pass the certification process and get listed on the chart if you are a TemplateMonster partner. We are sure that reaching out the new clients and building your customers base will become much easier for you after that.

We are interested in your opinion on the Web Design Studios Catalogue. Do you think it can bring significant benefits to web design studios? Is it helpful to ordinary users? Please, leave your feedback at the comment section. We will appreciate that.

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